Reddened by an atmospheric effect, the sun sinks into the sea.

National Geographic - January, 1955

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To attract buyers, always decorate in neutral tones, avoid patterns and strong colours. Or make every room look like the inside of a migraine. Your choice.



Are modern-day computers hindering creativity? Tim Wu on the problem with today’s multitasking machines:

“The Web calls us constantly, like a carnival barker, and the machines, instead of keeping us on task, make it easy to get drawn…


The Grand Hotel New York, built 1908, Architect Antonio Gaudi

Tattoos really are a load of bollocks

"some chav wearing shorts has just got on the train at Newport and has a PAIR OF TESTICLES TATTOOED ON HIS INNER THIGH. Should I try to take a picture?"
— Mathew

I want this very badly